Caveman training is a fun and unique way to achieve super results in your fitness regime. It delivers exceptional gains by training the body the way it is designed to work in our day to day activities. ‘Functional’ is the most appropriate word to describe this session, meaning that the fitness, strength and movements developed in this session are carried over in to our every day lives bringing maximum benefits and reduced risk of injury.

Before fancy and expensive gym equipment was introduced, cavemen were using basic movement patterns such as bending, twisting, squatting, lunging, pushing and pulling just to survive. We draw on their experiences in order to provide a challenging and entertaining workout.



What are the benefits of Urbanfitcrew Caveman?

  • Lose weight and get toned
  • Get fitter quicker
  • Leave every session armed with extra knowledge on nutrition and fitness
  • You will achieve results that will make you proud of yourself
  • An opportunity to challenge your GOALS
  • Boost your confidence by looking and feeling better
  • Qualified coaches who have a wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm and experience
  • A whole body workout incorporating body resistance exercises and aerobic exercises,
  • The Training drills are incorporated from the US Navy Seals training programme.
  • This is hard core training and will push you to your limits


What we do in the workout ?

  • Circuit training comprising of 12 body resistance drills
  • Short sharp bursts of exercise
  • Work at your own level
  • Group support to keep us all motivated
  • Mind set and goal setting
  • Nutrition advice and members online forum
  • Body resistance drills for the whole body to build muscle


Key information and facts:

  • 12 week training block commencing Tuesday 6th June and ending Tuesday 30th August
  • Every Tuesday night
  • Caveman Men’s only class 8-9 pm
  • Limited to a Closed training group of 20 persons per class
  • Closed Facebook page
  • Nutrition and home workout plans
  • Team building activities – kayaking, hiking, stand up paddling and social nights out
  • Local fun runs and adventure race participation
  • Guaranteed weight loss and muscle tone definition
  • Fun, energetic, full-body workout with great results
  • Highly energised and motivated training environment from qualified fitness instructors
  • Sign up today to guarantee your place in this Bootcamp Programme – link to signup
  • €5 per night


  • Warm up – designed to increase range of motion, low intensity movement, dynamic stretching
  • 12 station circuit incorporating full body workout to include arms, shoulders, legs, backs, abdominal and chest exercises
  • Resistance equipment such as kettlebells, ladders, weights, medicine balls, pull up bars, dip bars, sleigh prowlers, battle ropes and farmer walkers, sledge hammers and tyres, plyometric boxes
  • Running and hill sprints in a fun environment
  • Cool down –low intensity movement, dynamic and static stretches
  • Nutritional advice

So make the move now in the right direction and sign up now below or  contact Coach Frank on 0879777484

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