About - Urban Fit Crew

Urbanfitcrew was set up in 2011 by Richie Doran & Frank Whitney.

We offer Boxfit and Bootcamp training in Dublin City and recently opened a Boxfit studio in Leitrim. Richie is a runner and former regional cross country and Track champion. Frank a former regional Boxing Champion, we decided to put our years of been coached and competing into use to help other people reach their fitness targets.

We are passionate about training people and helping them reach their weigthloss or fitness goals. All the sessions are geared for level of fitness from the beginner to the advanced, so it you haven’t trained for a while don’t let that stop you. The hardest part when getting back into training is getting off the couch and out to a class. When you get there I can assure you we will be there to keep you motivated and on track.

The Bootcamp classes are outdoor from April to September and indoor from October to March. However our Saturday morning session is outdoors all year round. The Bootcamp trainer are some of the best in the city with years of experience delivering results. With a broad range of skills our trainers will provide top quality training to encourage and demonstrate various exercises and techniques.

We train in all-weather when outdoors and again the hardest part is getting there. Once you are dressed accordingly the session will fly in.

Our trainers which included Marathon runner Gary O’Hanlon, Track athlete Aaron O’Rorke, ,Military man Anthony O’Donoghue are experienced strength & conditioning coaches and are constantly up skilling to help out members even better.

Boxfit sessions combing boxing drills and body resistance work (plenty of core/push ups). Boxfit originally started in the Garda Club, Harrington St but now you will find us in Our Ladys School, Terenure. You don’t need to bring any equipment or don’t need a partner. We teach you all the basic moves before going onto more advanced work. All bouts of exercise we do are 3 minutes to mimic a boxers training.