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All things protein 20/04/2018

Just been out to the GAA nursery with the two girls at St Judes, second breakfast over and the youngest now getting her afternoon power nap which gives me a chance to get an email sent out.
As you properly know by now i’m a big believer in getting things down in units of time.
Like if I get30 or 40 minutes i’ll get shit done when I get that chance.
With the kids a strict schedule is hard to keep so I might get out to Tymon or Bushy park for a short run or grab the kettlebells under the table for a quick session.
Alot of the lads in the men only class have been asking me about protein,  how much to take and when. I aim to have some protein in every meal I take. I will eggs for breakfast or a protein shake ( more on that in the next email).
If your buying a roll or sandwich for lunch get tuna, turkey, eggs or good quality beef. At dinner get chicken, fish, red meat and plenty of veg.
if your looking to reduce calories decrease the amount of carbs in the plate. After my workouts I will have a 3 egg omelette or a tin of tuna with some toast.
A small bit of carbs after the session is good to help get the protein into the blood stream to send to the muscle for uptake.
Really important to eat with 30-40 minutes after the session to aid recovery and muscle growth.
That’s why all the top GAA teams are getting fed after training now so as to give them the best chance of recovering for the next session. Gone are the days when lads call into Borzo takeaway on Cromwellsfort rd for the recovery meal !!
Like it I love it
Richie D

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