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Post marathon rant

For people that don’t run marathons i hope you are not feed up of hearing about it this week. Pity that RTE dont cover it but with social media and the print media I think it gets plenty of coverage and hopefully encourage people to promise themselves that they will run one next year. This […]

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One week to go

So the in-laws are over from the UK and we head to the local bar for some Sunday roast, he buys me a creamy Guinness and I’m thinking here we go but feck it, had to send it back he wasn’t too impressed. No beer since early September and a decent block of training behind me, […]

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Super women and getting it done !

Just back from taking part in the Athlone 3/4 Marathon. Great preperation for the real deal in Dublin at the end of the month.   I have always been a man to have porridge and the full breakfast before a long run like this, but changed it this time on the advice of my coach in […]

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