Bootcamp Ladies Classes Kiltoghert - Urban Fit Crew

What are the benefits of Urbanfitcrew Bootcamp?

  • Leave every session armed with extra knowledge on nutrition and fitness
  • You will achieve results that will make you proud
  • An opportunity to challenge your GOALS
  • Boost your confidence by looking and feeling better
  • Qualified coaches who have a wealth of knowledge and experience
  • A whole body workout incorporating body resistance exercises, aerobic exercises, and an element of yoga/pilates moves
  • The Training drills are incorporated from the US Navy Seals training programme
  • Lose weight and get toned
  • Get fitter quicker
  • knock minutes off your time

What we do in the workout ?

  • Circuit training comprising of 12 exercise drills
  • Short sharp bursts of exercise
  • Work at your own level
  • Group support to keep us all motivated
  • Mind set and goal setting
  • We make a plan that is personal to you
  • Nutrition advice and members online forum
  • Body resistance drills for the whole body to build muscle

Key information and facts:

  • 12 week training block commencing Tuesday 6th June and ending Tuesday 30th August
  • Every Tuesday night
  • Ladies only class 7-8 pm
  • Limited to a Closed training group of 20 persons per class
  • Closed Facebook page
  • Nutrition and home workout plans
  • Team building activities – kayaking, hiking, stand up paddling and social nights out
  • Local fun runs and adventure race participation
  • Guaranteed weight loss and muscle tone definition
  • Fun, energetic, full-body workout with great results
  • Highly energised and motivated training environment from qualified fitness instructor
  • Sign up today to guarantee your place in this Bootcamp Programme
  • €5 per night


  • Warm up – designed to increase range of motion, low intensity movement, dynamic stretching
  • 12 station circuit incorporating full body workout to include arms, shoulders, legs, backs, abdominal and chest exercises
  • Resistance equipment such as kettlebells, ladders, weights, medicine balls, pull up bars, dip bars, sleigh prowlers, battle ropes and farmer walkers
  • Running and hill sprints in a fun environment
  • Cool down –low intensity movement, dynamic and static stretches
  • Nutritional advice

So make the move now in the right direction and sign up now by contacting Coach Frank on 0879777484 or sign up below