Bootcamp training in Autumn 2015 - Urban Fit Crew

Bootcamp training in Autumn 2015

Heading  back into another autumn program in Our Ladys School Terenure.

This is my 4th year training people here after starting out in 2011. Its been a great journey and I have been very fortunate to have met some great people in which I hope have gained from training with myself and the other  trainers. I am playing championship football with Judes and training for the Marathon so thankful to be injury free and enjoying the process.

One of the changes I have made is bringing in more strength drills to the sessions. As a runner I would have always believed aerobic conditioning to be the most effective method of weightloss but with more education and attending seminers that has changed. I still do the high intensity anaerobic drills to fill the lungs and rev up your metabolism.


Starting off with body weight conditioning with resistance bands and progressing to kettlebells to increase muscle tone and is very effective. Don’t worry if you have never used kettlebells before, we keep the movements simple and progress as the members confidence and form improves. So on Mondays we do a lot of lower body and core work as the Wednesday boxing session is all upper body with some core added in.

If you haven’t trained with us in a while I would love to see you pop  in for a trial session to see what we are doing now and to catch up. We plan on doing an adventure race in Enfield on October 19th and again in Roscommon sometime in November when we will take on Franks Leitrim Boxfit crew.

Monday Boot camp @6.30pm & Boxfit @7.30pm

Wednesday Boxfit @6.30pm & @7.30pm

Thursday Mens only Boxing @8.00pm (starting Sept 26th)


So drop me a text or call me on 0861007273 to get in for a session or any training advice that you might need.



Richie D

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