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Boxing Kiltoghert

Boxing in Kiltoghert, Carrick on Shannon

Ladies only and Mens only Boxfit Classes – Jab the Flab

Next block starting January 8th & 10th 2019- Book in advance to secure your place

Are you looking to join a fun, friendly and energetic fitness class?

If you are, then this is the class for you.

​This is a low impact, high intensity class based on all the fitness principles of boxing. Expect to burn up between 500 and 700 calories per hour in this fun and action packed class. Your metabolism will continue to work and burn calories after the class because of the circuit type training involved.

​This interval style training class is excellent for weight loss and muscle tone, a boxing training workout leaves the long lean look rather than bulk, you will learn to hit the focus pads, bob and weave and punch your way to that perfect physique!

Key BOXFIT information

  • 8 week training block in Kiltoghert, Carrick on Shannon. 
  • Every Tuesday and Thursday night
  • Ladies only class 7-8 pm
  • Men’s only class 8-9pm
  • Closed Facebook page

​Testimonial from Edwina Smith on her Blog – the life of stuff –

  • Nutrition and home workout plans
  • Team building activities – kayaking, hiking, stand up paddling and social nights out
  • Local fun runs and adventure race participation
  • Guaranteed weight loss and muscle tone definition
  • fun, energetic, full-body workout with great results
  • Highly energised and motivated training environment from a qualified fitness instructor
  • Sign up today to guarantee your place in this Boxfit Programme – link to signup
  • €5 per night, €30 for a 6 week block.


  • Warm up – designed to increase range of motion, low intensity movement, dynamic stretching
  • Skipping drills –designed to increase the heart rate and warm up all joints and muscles
  • Shadow boxing – designed to warm up the shoulders arms and wrists prior to punch bag work
  • Floor work on mats – body resistance exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups, plank, Russian twists and medicine ball work
  • Boxing – boxing pad drills, speedball work and punch bags (body sparring for men)
  • Floor work – abdominal and core work exercises
  • Cool down –low intensity movement, dynamic and static stretches
  • Nutritional advice

Testimonial from Edwina Smith on her Blog – the life of stuff –

So make the move now in the right direction and sign up now by contacting Coach Frank on 0879777484
Next block starting January 8th &10th 2019- Book in advance to secure your place