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Keep moving forward

One of the main things I am focusing on this week is making changes that can last and not just for the week .
People can be so time conscious and I regularly hear that I don’t have time to x y or z and exercise
is can be the easiest thing to drop.
A good pal of mine just started walking and jogging during this 60 minute lunch break.
He hits the road for 20/25mins and still has time for shower and lunch.
I have started reading more now when I come home in the evenings after work or training session
and aim to be in bed by 10.30pm.
With no electronic gadgets on the go I have no  problem sleeping.
With a 2 year old alarm call at 6.30am I know that I need those 8 hours sleep.
Sleep can be one of most overlooked things when it comes to improving a person’s
athletic performance or weight loss. Our bodies need sleep for growth and repair and to regulate hormones.
This is why new born’s love their sleep and professional athletes will regular go for afternoon naps
after their morning session and before the evening session starts.
Off now to do a run for the marathon prep. Making the most of my time before going back
to the school next week.
Like it ! I love it !
Riche D
P.S We are back training in Terenure this week. The crew on Monday felt the session after the break.
Any lads looking to sign up to the Mens only boxing on Thursdays at 8pm starting
September 24th get in touch asap to register.

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