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Old habits are hard to beat


Been a while since I last post
Writing these emails can like mine and possibly other peoples training. Once I break the habit  of doing them it can be hard to get back into it and like training it takes discipline and routine. Like my training ONCE I start then  I have no problem hammering out a few words.
As for my own training, that has gone to pot since the Easter.
I have been doing 10k runs which have been a slog and slow times to show. However the key thing which I have learnt over the years is  getting those hard sessions in is vital to getting back into shape.
The one thing I hear from members when they return from  a break is how much they miss the training and then how they are dreading the first few sessions. So if you are in that category at the moment use this week to doing some exercise that you enjoy and get back into that habit.
Just reading an article today in the indo about obesity levels in teenagers and the problems that lie ahead for them and the health sector in this county to pay for it.
I am firm believer that if you are out training you wil always give some other person on your road or group of friends that push to get out and do something themselves.
That’s it for now, back training tonight and writing emails again !
Like it ! I love it !
Riche D

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