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Pool old Rosanna

So it seems model and newly qualified nutrition expert Rosanna Davidson upset a lot of people this week .

You all probably know who is, well I’m sure the guys do eh. She has just launched her
new cook book and is doing the rounds promoting it.

Like  a lot of models and people in the celebrity world that get into the fitness game they will have some quirky thing that claims is the answer to everyone’s heath problem. Rosanna is Vegan and swears by if for her healthy skin and body shape etc.  However when you have time and money to train, eat well, sleep well and excellent genetics it would be easy to look like she does eh.

But what caused such a stir this week is when she reportedly said ” she is a believer in non-coeliac gluten sensitivity, and cites research that shows gluten to be the bad guy responsible for a huge range of medical conditions from autism spectrum disorders to schizophrenia to arthritis”

Doctors, nutrition experts, trainers were going nuts at this remark which has no scientific material to back it up.

She said that she was misquoted on this. Now don’t think I am feeling sorry for her but I actually believe her as we all know journalists love a good headline, I think she is too clever to come out with a statement like that.

In fairness to her she helping to highlight some of the issues with modern diet that we are consuming.

I eat bread, pasta all with Gluten and it doesn’t not affect me. For some other people it will, If you are feeling bloated, tired, low on energy then cut it out for a  week and see what difference it makes.

A student in my school with autism is gluten free to reduce inflammation in his stomach/intestines etc. Some people think there is a link between the brain and stomach in helping this. He is doing great and making progress. Is food the reason ? I have no idea but he feels better so keep doing it.

Balance in everything is the cornerstone to feeling and looking good not some quirky diet or training program. Find what works best for you and roll with that.

Like it ! I Love it !

Richie D


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