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Post marathon rant

For people that don’t run marathons i hope you are not feed up of

hearing about it this week.
Pity that RTE dont cover it but with social media and the print media
I think it gets plenty of coverage and hopefully encourage people
to promise themselves that they will run one next year.
This was my 6th year to run the distance and like that it was my good
mate Frank Whitney back in 2007 that said we must do that next year and
we haven’t stopped since.
Certainly the hardest one yet. The course change due to the luas works on
College Green so we had a good 7k incline through the Phoenix Park, add
a strong head wind to this and it put this old frame under pressure.
I never saw as many good runners struggle so early on in the event.
From my point I messed up 3 weeks ago by racing a 20 miler too hard and
legs still were’nt recovered so I was working from far too early.
Needless to say when the wall hit it wasn’t pretty. But as always the Dubs
and everyone out on the course kept us all going. Every year the crowds
seem to get bigger. The changing area was full of zoombies, just nothing
left in the tank…
It was great to see so many members out supporting people and other members
taking part for the first time. Special mention to runners Frankie, Helen, Liz,
Thelma, Liam and especially Ziata who ran it with her 2 year old son Iassac in the buggie.
So get thinking about next year, i always say its something every person
should DO at least once in their lifetime so why not 2015 !
The pints on Baggot St after the race taste alot sweeter too.
Like it ! I bloody hate it at the mo but will recover !
P.S. Final bootcamp and boxfit blocks of the year in Terenure starting next week so click on the link to sign up.

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