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Some things to change this week

We are back in Terenure this evening for bootcamp and boxfit. The break was great to good to get back into training and eating well after the holidays.

Bootcamp is at 6.30pm and Boxfit at 7.30pm. During this 6 week block I will be encouraging members to make some simple changes to their daily routine like.

1. Drinking at least 1litre of water a day to help with hormones balance and stay hydrated.

2. Cut down on caffeine and aim stay off it until after midday which I find helps people get more water in.

3. Eat nuts/berries, fruits and natural yogurt as snack instead of chocolate of cakes.

4. Look at getting in 4 good meals a day and have protein with every meal including breakfast, I usually have a protein smoothie in the morning and will be drinking it on the way into work, You can pick up a whey protein in a health store or supplements shop.

5. Go out for a walk or jog at least one evening or morning a week, This time of year the weather is crisp with autumn on the way so always good to fill your lungs with this free stuff and clear the head.

6. Appreciate the good things in life and have a laugh

Like it ! I love it !


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