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What it means to get your “second wind”

I’m sure you have all heard footballers, runners etc complain that over the first few minutes of a game or race, they feel terrible and it takes a while for the body to get going. Why does this happen I hear you ask.

First of all when we start running our core temperature is 37 degrees C. However we work best at 38 degrees C and this can take a couple of miles of a number of high intensity sprints to get up to the required temp.

Adjusting to higher body temperature

It takes time for our breathing to increase to meet the new demands we are putting on our energy system. At the start of the race we experience oxygen debt as we use more energy than the body can supply. It is only when oxygen levels in the blood have been depleted and carbon dioxide levels are increased that the brain sends instructions to respiratory system to sort this mess out, by increasing breathing and pumping the heart more.

Run through it!

First your body has to replenish oxygen stores and then meet the required demands of your body. This is why you feel rough at the start and it takes a while to get into your stride! People running for the first time might experience this and think that running is not for them, so fear not, just run through it!


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